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websec.io is dedicated to educating developers about security with topics relating to general security fundamentals, emerging technologies and PHP-specific information.

We also offer security consulting services for PHP and general application security needs.

If there's a topic you don't see here and would like to read about (or would like to write an article) let us know!

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About Websec.io

Websec.io was started to provide quality articles about current security issues facing web application developers right now. A lot of the knowledge about keeping apps secure seems to be spread all over and its our hope that this site can provide a good resource.

Looking for a few good....articles

As with any community resource, we're always on the hunt for good articles to include in our list, so if you're looking to share your knowledge with the world consider sending us an email and include the topic(s) you'd like to talk about!

Suggested topics include:

  • Prevention of common web security issues (XSS, CSRF, etc)
  • Best practices in user authentication/authorization
  • Preventing server-related security issues
  • Cryptography and its application
  • and more!
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